2022-08-30 07:57:12

Panel discussion on Out-of-School Children during ECER 2022

Today Center for Educational Research and Consulting had the honor to host a panel discussion on out-of-school children in Armenia during European Conferences on Educational Research 2022 (ECER).
During the panel session, we shared some background information and a brief situation analysis of out-of-school children in Armenia.
The second set of questions was on global and local perspectives of out-of-school children, including definitions, measurement peculiarities and statistics.
The third part of our panel discussion concerns methodological and ethical aspects of research on out-of-school children, during which we shared some information on methodological approaches, and data collection methods, as well as about our experience in conducting research related to the problem of out-of-school children in Armenia.
During the panel session, we received very interesting input from our attendees!!!
Thank all participants for their contributions and ECER organizers!!!
When we chose the topic some months ago, it was a very important and discussed issue in Armenia and not only, especially in the context of COVID-19. But we realize that the problem of out-of-school children is of crucial importance and should not be analysed for a certain period of time only. Our center will continue to work and analyze this problem.
And as a continuation and synergy with our panel discussion, we have 2 paper sessions tomorrow on the educational rights of Yezidi children in Armenia and on educational issues during COVID 19.
Thank EERA - European Educational Research Association for organizing and Yerevan State University for hosting this event in Armenia!!!


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