2024-02-29 13:11:54

International cooperation

During February 23-28, the team of the Center for Educational Research and Consultations embarked on a working visit to Austria. Throughout this period, our team engaged in meetings with local research and educational institutions, as well as with young individuals.

One notable event during the visit was a meeting held at the Institute for Youth Culture Research (Institut für Jugendkulturforschung) located in Vienna. The team had the privilege of discussing various aspects of research practices in Austria with Stefan Khittel, head of scientific research programs at the institute.

The discussions encompassed several key topics related to the research process, including methodological approaches, field Work implementation, analytical works, quality assurance procedures, as well as ethical standards. 

Our expert team had the opportunity to present our research experiences, shedding light on how research is conducted in Armenia.

This exchange facilitated a valuable cross-cultural learning experience, allowing for the exploration of similarities, differences, and potential areas for collaboration.

Furthermore, discussions touched upon current trends in youth culture, providing valuable insights into the cultural landscape of both Austria and Armenia. 


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